List of Equipment
Automatic Bar Machines
6-Warner & Swasey 5 Spindle, 2 1/4" DIA. Bar
1-Wickman Single Spindle 3 1/2" DIA. Bar
1-Warner & Swasey 6" -5 Spindle (Chucker)
CNC Chuckers & Bar Machines
1-Okuma LU15, High Speed, 2-Saddle, 4-Axis CNC Lathe
1-Okuma Crown, Big Bore, with OSP7000 Control
1-Miyano BNC-34T, 1 1/4" DIA. Bar Capacity
1-Miyano BND-34T, 1 1/4" DIA. Bar Capacity, Live Spindle
Tooling, Equipped with Vibrator Bowel Parts Feeder
1-BND 42T 1 5/8 DIA.
1-BND 51T 2 DIA.
CNC Drilling and Milling Machines
3-Miyano TSV-35, Fanuc OM Control with Helical
Interpolation for Thread Milling
2-Kira Kn30vb, Kn30va
1-Haas VF-2
1-Fanuc Alpha-T1oc
* Above Machines Complete with CNC Indexers, Rotary
Tables, and Pallet Changers
Hand Screw Machines
4-Hardinge Super Precision Second Operations Machines
Machining Cell
1-Fuji Robocell TN-25TL Lathe, with Built In Work Handler. Supports Extended Continuous Operation. 6" DIA. X 4" Long Work
Inspection/Process Control
Mitutoyo BH 305 Coordinate Measuring Machine, Renishaw MIP Head with TP2 Probe, IBM 486 Computer, Geopak and Statpak
Johnson Gage Company Variable Thread Gaging System, Pitch Diameter Size with Cone and Vee Profile Rolls, Functional Size with
Full Form Segments
Sunnen Bore Gages, Bench and Handheld Types
2-J&L 20" Optical Comparators with Quadra Chek Read-Out
Wilson Instrument Rockwell Hardness Tester, Regular and Superficial
Kocour Model H10 Digital Coating Thickness Tester
*Also Full Complement of Micrometers, Ceramic JO Blocks, Pin Gages, ETC...
Major Software Programs
Gibbs and Assoc. CAD/CAM System
Computer Decisions Tool$: Manufacturing, Estimating, Scheduling, and Accounting Modules
IQS Systems 13 Module Process Improvement Program Including System/Process Documentation, Data Collection, SPC, Corrective
Action, and Calibration Management
Henning- Visual Estitrack Manufacturing Software
Milling Machines
3-Sundstrand Rigidmill, Equipped with Air
Collets, Air
Vises, and Air Indexing Fixtures
3-Bridgeport Vertical Mills with Digital

Drilling Machines
1-Cleereman 28" Box Column, 3" DIA. Drill
4-Clausing 20"
1-Burgmaster 2C-P Turret Drill
1-Leland Gifford 3 Spindle

1-Ohler KA400 Cold Saw, 6" Capacity
1-Roll-In Bandsaw

1-Myford 4"X12"
O.D. -I.D. Grinder
1-Sunnen Hone with
Power Stroke
3-Reid Surface
Grinders with
Digital Readout
Multipress, 12 Ton
1-Cleveland Model
E2 Tapper
1-Ettco Model
Multiple Spindle,
ATU-3 Tapper
(Colchester) Lathe,
1-Fellows 7A Gear